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Trust Board Elections 2023 - Introducing Your Candidates

Trust Board Elections 2023 - Introducing Your Candidates

The Board of the Newcastle United Supporters Trust is delighted to introduce to our members your 2023 election candidates.

We've had an incredible 13 applications to join the Board, therefore must proceed to an election. Members will receive their ballots via email to their registered email address (most likely the one used when joining the Trust).

Here are your candidates, with their supporting statements. We gave each candidate the opportunity to provide a short video to support their statement. The order candidates are listed was randomly generated in an app called "Random Name Picker" to choose the order we would list the candidates.

Candidate Name Supporting Statement Supporting Video
Steve Binks Click here Click here
Steve Lowthian  Click here Click here
Stephen Ord Click here Click here
Adam Stoker Click here Click here
Richard Barnsdall Click here  
Kevin Patterson Click here Click here
Sam Dalling Click here Click here
Felicity Thow Click here Click here
Nick Kane Click here Click here
Jon Lane Click here Click here
Lisa Mole Click here  
Olivia Thomson Click here  
Pete Davey Click here Click here


Voting is now open and will close on Sunday 11th June. 



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