The NUFC Trust needs you! Still time to submit your election application to stand for the board

NUST News - 24-09-2020

There is still time to throw your hat into the ring to stand for election for the NUST board.

The Trust has around 14,000 members and the current board is committed to annual elections so members are involved in the running of the Trust.

Being on the board is committing to one virtual board meeting per month, that’s it!  Of course if you can support the Trust beyond that as a board member then that’s most welcome, but everyone on the Trust is an unpaid volunteer, so there is no expectation of anything beyond that.

It is important the Trust continues to take on new ideas and new direction. We hope as many of you as possible reading this decide to stand for election, we need you!

To download the election nomination form – click here

To download the election policy of the Trust – click here

Submissions need to be sent to Election Management Group Chair Chris Waugh at the below email address by midnight on Friday 25th September 2020:

[email protected]


The election timetable is as follows:


Period: Friday 25th September   -Friday  2nd October

Members to confirm their interest in standing for a position on the NUST Board together with a statement in support of their nomination (which should be between 400 and 1000 words) to be completed and sent to the Independent Chair (detailed above) at [email protected]

Period: Monday 5th October – Thursday 8th October

Candidates formally announced and opportunities for candidates to speak to fans and members through various media about the candidacy in the election.

Period: Friday 9th October – Thursday 17th October

Members to vote online or for their preferred candidates (details to follow)

Date: Friday 18th  November 2020

Results of the election announced