Still Time To Join The Board

Diversity / NUST News - 01-10-2019

Many thanks for your patience around some minor teething issues we’ve had with the new website. Some individuals had issues switching over, but all appears to be running much more smoothly now. If only we could say that was the case with the team, but I’d rather not dwell on the result or performance at Leicester. Instead, I’d like to reach out to members and encourage them to stand for election to the NUST Board. Today, 1st October is the last day that nominations can be completed and returned to the Independent Chair of the Election Management Group

Read the last board election update and instructions on how to run for election here

It is brilliant that we have almost 10,000 members, but it is vital that we also show our desire as supporters for NUST to work through holding an open and contested election. With this in mind, I’d like to appeal to anyone who may be interested in being more active in NUST to consider standing in the election. Even if you are unsure, don’t miss out on the deadline to at least register your interest and GET YOUR NOMINATION FORM IN before 2nd October. You then have two weeks to put a statement together to say why you want to join the Board, before elections are held from 17th October.

As a new Board member joining in January 2019 I have no regrets, and I’m confident that NUST has a huge part to play in the future of ALL aspects of NUFC. This is a shortened member update, simply reminding NUST members to consider getting more involved by getting a nomination form in, and/or voting in this election!

In a few days I’ll complete this member update with information on the following:

However, all that can wait, as I want to see some of you passionate lot out there joining me on the Board of NUST. Get your nomination form in.

Any questions relating to the election should be sent to Neil Le Milliere by email at [email protected] who is the Independent Chair of the Election Management Group.

Best wishes
Linda Bush
NUST Board Member (Community & Inclusion)