Season Ticket Refunds

NUFC News / NUST Comment / NUST News - 18-06-2020

Fans of Newcastle United have finally received the confirmation that they could be refunded for season ticket money paid for the remaining five games of the Premier League season. Tickets bought on an individual game basis will also be eligible for a refund. Newcastle United released information today explaining the refund process will begin next from Monday for individual ticket holders.  Details on season tickets are to follow (hopefully soon).  You can find more information here.

At the Trust, we have pushed for this day since March 19th.  This was when many other Premier League clubs started to communicate that refunds would be due to supporters as soon as it became apparent that the current Premier League season would not be taking place in front of supporters inside football stadiums.  Most clubs processed refunds by May at the latest and Newcastle United have let us down by being the last club to communicate with supporters on this.

We believe that the Premier League confirming to the Trust that they would take the matter of ticket refunds up with Newcastle United had a genuine impact on this decision.  We would like to thank the Football Supporters Association for facilitating the Premier League Network Meeting between the Premier League and Supporters Trusts, and of course the Premier League for promising to take this to the club on our behalf.

It should never have come to the Trust needing to escalate this issue to a senior Premier League executive.  We consider this a significant victory for the Trust and its members.  Occasionally some supporters put to members of the Trust board what the point of the Trust is. The simple answer is the Trust represents its members however it can.  Newcastle United supporters are stronger together, stronger United.  To be able to speak to Newcastle United on this and push the Premier League on this is only possible because we are a member-driven organisation.  Without members like yourself and thousands of others reading this, I don’t believe a resolution would have been forthcoming on this issue.

So thank you, for giving us the power through your continued membership, to make a difference on an issue that has impacted tens of thousands of Newcastle United supporters.

We will continue to attempt dialogue with the club over refunds as there are issues that still need to be clarified on ticketing issues.  We eagerly await the club releasing more details on the process of refunds next week and in relation to season ticket repayments and if there are issues that affect our members we will continue to work to find resolutions that are fair and reasonable on behalf of our members.

NUST Board