- 11-06-2018

Ahead of the Parliamentary debate on 25th June the Labour Party came out in support of Safe Standing. At a press conference held at QPR’s Loftus Road shadow sports minister Dr Rosena Allin-Khan announced the party’s support saying;
‘It’s time for change. Labour’s decision is the result of in depth consultation with football clubs, fans and safety authorities .we want to give the power to fans, clubs and local safety authorities to allow for a small area inside a stadium to be designated for safe standing, clubs, fans and local authorities know their stadium far better than anybody in Whitehall-the decisions should rest with them’
The policy decision followed on from a positive consultation discussion with representatives from supporters groups, including NUST Chair Peter Fanning, earlier in the week.
The Government also said it would review its position on Safe Standing with a spokesman stating;
‘We recognise that technology and stadium design has evolved since the all seater policy was introduced and the time is right to look at the issue’.
This is all happening ahead of the Parliamentary debate in parliament on 25th June .We await the debate with interest.