NUFC Trust launches the 'Start Giving Back' campaign

NUST Comment / NUST News - 15-10-2020

Dear Member,

The Newcastle United Supporters Trust today launched our ‘Start Giving Back’ campaign aimed at convincing Newcastle United to end the collection of direct debit payments from Newcastle United supporters.  Not only can supporters not attend games they are being charged for but 19 Premier League clubs (including Newcastle United) voted to begin charging fans £14.95 to watch their sides play football on television better knows as ‘pay per game’ (PPG).

Unlike the other 18 clubs who voted to force this cost onto fans to see the team playing during a global pandemic, Newcastle United are the only still taking payments for these games from fans on long term deals for season tickets. This is not right. This is not fair. Why always us?

Why were Newcastle United fans the last in the Premier League to receive confirmation that ticket money for games affecting the end of season 2019/20 would be refunded?  Why were Newcastle United fans the last in the Premier League to be paid the money back? Why are Newcastle United fans the only fans in the Premier League still being charged for season tickets?

The Trust urges Newcastle United to stop taking from fans, and start giving back.

The Trust calculates that a conservative figure of money taken from supporters since March to be around £7m.  This is money that should be in the pockets and the bank accounts of supporters, not Newcastle United.  We urge Newcastle United to look at what is happening right now in the world. The Trust has tried to engage with the club on the matter to get a workable solution but as yet we have had no commitment to addressing the matter, so we are left with no alternative but to make a public appeal for the club to do right by its fans.

There is no realistic prospect of supporters being able to get back into stadia until March 2021 at the earliest and comes at a time when the North East has the worst unemployment rate in the country.

The charging of supporters needs to stop and stop now.

The  Trust is calling on fans, politicians, and people of influence within football to back our call and bring pressure on Newcastle United to stop taking money from fans and refund the money owed to us as soon as possible.  The North East is facing ever greater Covid restrictions and we need our football club to do better and to do right by its fans.

It’s time to stop taking and time to start giving back.

How members can help:

Watch our campaign video here:


Finally, if you are yet to vote in the trust board elections please be aware you must to do so before Friday’s deadline (tomorrow). There are five board spaces up for grabs and 11 fantastic candidates. You can find out more information about each candidate on our website, on video or on this podcast.  If you would like to vote and have not been emailed the link to vote please contact Trust election chair Chris Waugh ASAP at [email protected]