NUFC Trust Elections 2020 - RESULTS

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Dear Member,

We’re delighted to finally reveal the results for this year’s NUST Board Election. Over what has been a rocky year both in football and outside of football, we’re pleased to have had such a fantastic group of candidates apply for the board, this year has been tougher than ever with more candidates to spaces and more members to vote.

First of all, I’d like to personally thank Chris Waugh, who kindly volunteered his time to be our independent Election Chair. I think everyone involved from the existing board to nominations, to members will agree the Election ran very well and this is a credit to Chris.

Message from Chris Waugh

What a fantastic election contest it has been – every candidate should be extremely proud. It has been an absolute privilege to oversee it, to watch the immense work that goes on behind the scenes from Newcastle United Supporters Trust (NUST) volunteers, and to witness all 11 excellent campaigns.

All have my utmost respect and if I could have done, I would have voted for all 11 (as it was, I didn’t vote for anyone for impartiality reasons, as I did not feel it would be fair seeing as I had control over the election runner website). The feedback on social media to all of your campaigns has been extremely positive, and rightly so.

To the five successful candidates, congratulations, I know you will serve the board and the Trust magnificently during your respective three-year terms.

The results

Here are the individual results listed in alphabetical order by surname, with the five successful candidates in bold.

Adam Beckett – 2,047 votes  (35.7% of individual voters)

Linda Bush – 2,579 votes  (45.0% of individual voters)

Thomas Concannon – 2,198 votes  (38.3% of individual voters)

Marc Corby – 1,869 votes  (32.6% of individual voters)

Jonathan Drape-Comyn – 837 votes  (14.6% of individual voters)

Stephen Harrop – 1,678 votes  (29.3% of individual voters)

Jonathan Lane – 1,354 votes  (23.6% of individual voters)

Jeffrey Lindahl – 493 votes  (8.6% of individual voters)

Alex Nicholson – 1,332 votes  (23.2% of individual voters)

Daniel Olsen – 909 votes  (15.9% of individual voters)

Charlotte Robson – 3,291 votes  (57.4% of individual voters)

[None of the candidates – 40 votes  (0.7% of individual voters)]

What happens now?

For the six unsuccessful candidates, thank you so much for putting yourself forward and for going through the election process. Alex Hurst, Chair of the Board will be in touch with you all soon to discuss future involvement in the Trust. It’s important to us that all members are able to assist wherever they can to make the Trust as successful as it can be, whether that is on the board, or off it.

For the five successful candidates – congratulations to you all, the Board of the Trust will be in touch with you soon with the next steps.

The successful candidates join the existing board members:
– Alex Hurst
– Peter Maughan
– Greg Tomlinson
– Michael Mannion
– Norman Watson

I know every member will join together to back this year’s board as we continue growing, improving, and being a stronger independent democratic voice of Newcastle United supporters worldwide!

Key points and takeaways from this Election

Thank you to all of our members who voted, all of our members who continue to support the Trust.

Chris Johnson
Election 2020 Committee