- 05-06-2018

It has been a pleasure to be involved with NUFC Fans Foodbank since its inception in February 2017 with NUST Board members Colin Whittle and Mal McLean regular match day volunteers. Match day collections are now well established and the response from supporters has been unbelievable, donating both cash and food. Unity in the Community! Newcastle fans supporting those less well off in our community.
However, now the football season is at a close, alternative ways of raising funds are being explored by NUFC Fans Foodbank…after all hunger is not a seasonal thing.
The Donation Station at Newcastle Grainger Market is now well established opening on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10am until 4pm- if you want to help out please drop in!-and brings in a constant stream of contributions but more is needed.
So the team behind NUFC Fans Foodbank have been out and about.
Firstly to St James Park for ‘Magic Weekend’ Rugby…a strange experience in the sense that it was a totally different crowd, and the well – established volunteers turned out to be ‘strangers in their own city’ not being able to chat to our usual regular contributors.
Then last weekend we were pleased to be able to set up at the ‘The Farm’ gig at the O2 with Bill Corcoran and Steve Hastie. There was a great response from those attending the concert and the band themselves. Thanks to everyone who made that happen. A great experience .All Together Now!
What next? Well its back to St James Park this weekend, setting up at the usual spot opposite NINE Bar before the Ed Sheeran concerts. A different crowd perhaps, but hopefully one that will be fully supportive of the cause. If you are reading this article, and you are aware of people who are attending please let them know about NUFC Fans Foodbank, hopefully they will be willing to contribute. Every little bit helps!