International Women’s Day

- 08-03-2019

On International Women’s Day let’s hear from one of NUST’s newest Board members, Linda Bush on why she joined the Board, and why International Women’s Day is as relevant as ever.

I have a 7 year old daughter who despite my best efforts to get her into rugby and cricket, loves football. She could have chosen my partners team, Everton…or gone along with the glory seeking kids in her school and opted for Man City or donned a Real Madrid shirt. I still can’t put my finger on why she is already so passionate about Newcastle United Football Club…because she’s seen two rubbish cup games at St James Park, the only full match she’s watched on TV was our heart-breaking loss at Old Trafford this season, and she’s a really bad loser… where is her motivation coming from….?

I joined the Board of NUST because I was falling out of love with Newcastle United just at the time my daughter was falling in love with NUFC. Missed four games on the trot (following our defeat to Brighton this season), considered cancelling my season ticket, feeling despondent about almost everything to do with NUFC, the in-fighting between fans groups and the toxic atmosphere on the terraces.

I’m now back at the match and trying to sort out a season ticket for my 7 year old for next season and feeling much more positive about the future.…so what’s changed?

I joined the Newcastle United Supporters Trust (NUST)

I liked what I heard and realised that this club I love is vital to so many people I just had to try and take some positive action, so I joined the Board of NUST!

Since then I’ve..

and I feel much more empowered and involved in the destiny of NUFC, and feel like I’m enjoying football again.

Of course we have also won 4 league home games on the trot during this period. I can’t lie, the impact the results of the men’s first team has on individuals is immense. However, a football club like Newcastle is so much more than the men’s first team. And the potential for NUFC to be a force for good in many other ways, is too important for me to protest from the sidelines.

So on International Women’s Day I want to unashamedly say that in addition to the overall aims of NUST right now I want to see:

If these things matter to you, join NUST to help shape the future of NUFC!