Important Leadership Update

News Releases / NUST News - 18-11-2020

Today the Newcastle United Supporters Trust Board has unanimously chosen Greg Tomlinson as its new Chair, following Alex Hurst’s decision to step down as Chair. In addition to this, the Board has agreed to create a new post as Vice-Chair and has appointed Thomas Concannon. 

The Board would like to place on record its thanks and gratitude to Alex for his hard work and exceptional leadership of the Trust over the last two years. 

Chair Greg Tomlinson said: 

“It is my honour and privilege to have been elected by the Board of the Newcastle United Supporters Trust to be its new Chair. 

I would like to place on record the thanks of the Board to Alex for his excellent leadership of the Trust over the last two years. It is not an understatement to say he has transformed the Trust into what it is today and I am delighted that he will remain as a key member of the Board working on an exciting Trust project.

I am also delighted that Thomas has agreed to be Vice-Chair, together, alongside the Board, we will make a strong leadership team to take the Trust forward and continue its growth and influence on your behalf – to represent you. We are all fans of Newcastle United and together we are stronger. 

Over the next few days and weeks, I will be working with Thomas and the Board to review our vision and strategy and you will hear more from me on this in due course. 

Vice-Chair Thomas Concannon said:

I am absolutely delighted to have been appointed ViceChair of the Newcastle United Supporters Trust.  

Alex will be a big miss as chair, but the organisation is in an incredibly healthy position as one of the biggest supporter organisations in the country, to continue to represent Newcastle United fans and I’m delighted I have been voted in by the board to play an even bigger role in its future. I am equally delighted to have Greg as our new chair. His experience and professionalism, as well as his passion for Newcastle United will stand us in good stead going forward. 

Alex Hurst said: 

I’m delighted that the Trust will be led by Greg Tomlinson with support from Thomas Concannon. I’ve got to know both well since they joined the Trust board and they both care passionately about Newcastle United Football Club, Newcastle United supporters and the Trust. 

It’s almost two years since I decided to re-launch NUST with a new board (after some exceptional work from Peter Fanning, Norman Watson and Colin Whittle who kept the Trust alive. If it wasn’t for these three people you would not be reading this email today) and were faced with the problematic challenges of having no membership data, no functioning website and no bank account.

The work achieved between now and then has been exceptional and beyond my wildest expectations.  This is thanks to dedicated board members and a growing, engaged membership the Trust has become one of England’s biggest Supporters Trusts, if not the biggest.

One of our biggest achievements has been that it was Trust members who informed the world that Newcastle United fans did want the proposed takeover of Newcastle United to go ahead. Your collective voice as members was listened to across the world. It was also Trust members, 8,000 of us, who made the political establishment take note of our demand for answers from the Premier League and an idea born out of frustration lead to Thomas Concannon sat in front of Richard Masters getting direct answers to member questions.

As I now depart from leading the Trust, I realise that the above selected achievements should not come as a surprise. Who else but Newcastle United fans would inside 18 months come together to surpass the membership of almost every other Premier League Supporters Trust? Who else but Newcastle United fans could force a response from of over 120 MPs, including the offices Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunack about the failed takeover of their club and the lack of transparency from the Premier League? 

This is not the first time I have stepped away from something I helped form and drive. In 2016, with others, I launched Gallowgate Flags and we managed to achieve what we wanted to and more.  Wor Flags succeeded that project and took the idea to another level. I have every confidence that the current Trust board, fresh from the UK’s biggest ever democratic supporters’ election, will continue to grow and thrive.

I am currently working on a transformative project for all Newcastle United fans which will hopefully be ready for release in 2021 and will step away from all other Trust responsibilities to allow the new board members and new leadership to take the Trust in the direction they see fit.  I will remain a Board member until the election in 2021 and continue to support the current board from an administrative perspective.

Thank you to all of the people who make Newcastle United and it’s support great, and who have taken the Newcastle United Supporters Trust to where it is now.