IFO response regarding Premier League owners and directors test

NUST Comment / NUST News - 03-08-2020

The Independent Football Ombudsman has confirmed they have no jurisdiction over the application of the Premier League owners and directors test but that they will advise the Premier League to make a statement to fans explaining how the case was handled.

The IFO email sent to a number of fans that contacted them is repeated in the chain below.

I sympathise with you and other Newcastle United supporters over the ownership issue and the recent withdrawal of the offer to buy the club. As you know the change of ownership of a big club is a complex issue and you will also be aware that there has been criticism of the football authorities for some previous failings in the vetting of new owners. It follows that the Premier League needed to do the proper due diligence in a thorough manner. It is now clear that this was not straightforward and regrettably there was delay, which led to much frustration among the fans. While acknowledging your disappointment at the outcome, I have to inform you that neither the ownership of clubs nor the operation of the Owners and Directors Test fall within the remit of the IFO. The resolution of the takeover issue was clearly the responsibility of the Premier League and you will need to pursue your concerns with the League. I understand that the Newcastle United Supporters Trust has requested that the Premier League should make a statement to fans explaining how the case was handled. This seems to be a reasonable request and I will advise the Premier League accordingly. I am sorry that I cannot assist you further and can only advise that you consider contacting your MP and the Minister for Sport at the DCMS



Thank you to everybody that contacted the IFO and shared their responses with us.