Board Meeting Minutes - August 22nd 2019

Meeting Minutes / NUST News - 25-08-2019

Present: Alex, Linda, Chris, Simon, Adam. Norman. Greg (in London through conf call).



Chris began with an up-date on the new Web site. It was nearly ready and will be loaded up and live by the end of next week.



Norman then explained that the main purpose of the meeting was to set up the mechanisms to hold new Board Elections within the next 2 months. He circulated a copy of an Election Policy guide produced by Supporters Direct. The Board approved this unanimously as a policy guide.

It was then decided that in accordance with the guide we would set up an Election Management Group (EMG.). This would not include any current members of the Board, although the Secretary may be a member. Colin Whittle and Norman Watson would be members together with Neil Le Milliere from Supporters Direct and based in Exeter would be the independent Chair of the Group. Chris Johnson also agreed to act as technical assistant to ensure the web site and on-line voting system was in order. The group would now be entirely in charge of the Board Elections from start to finish, and will make the final decision as to the eligibility of candidates, nominations and valid votes. The results would be announced at a Special General Meeting.

It was also agreed that we purchase and use the voting system already used by Hearts F.C. for their Board Elections, which allowed on- line voting by Board Members who would receive e-mail with a link to the voting site.

It was also agreed that the new Board would have a total of 7 elected members (with 6 possible co-options).

Linda, Greg and Thomas would remain as Board members.

Norman would resign, but could be appointed Secretary by the new Board. All the other Board members had agreed to resign and were now free to decide if they wanted to stand again in the forthcoming elections.

This means that there will be 4 Board vacancies announced to be filled at the Election.

Norman will now convene the EWG and report back. It was proposed by Alex that we would produce a video to announce the Election, and he would action this.


Strawberry Place

Greg reported that the Planning Application to build on the Strawberry Place site was likely to be heard by Newcastle City Council Planning Committee on October 18th. He proposed that we engage a specialist Planning Lawyer to object on technical planning law lines. It was agreed to do this at a cost agreed of £500-£1500.


United with Pride / NUDSA

Linda discussed that we will continue our relationship with United with Pride and agreed to share information where relevant. Members of United with Pride invited to our upcoming diversity committee. Linda has also made contact with NUDSA and will report back on any future communication.