Board Elections Announcement

NUST News - 17-09-2019

Since January, the Newcastle United Supporters Trust has gone through massive changes. We’ve reduced the cost of membership from £10/year to £1/year and £100 lifetime to £10 lifetime to ensure the Trust is accessible to more fans. We’ve brought our membership signups and communication methods to the digital age.

Most importantly we’ve increased the number of Trust members from approx. 350 to close to 9000 members. This means we now have one of the largest supporter trust memberships in the country and gives us, as fans a much bigger voice when liaising with the Club, the Premier League and other groups.

With this dramatic increase in members, at a board meeting on August 22nd 2019 we agreed as a board that in order to ensure we are representative of all our members, new and old we would hold a board election in advance of our Annual General Meeting which is held each January each year.

Some of the existing board members have volunteered to step down, although we have agreed that 3 existing board members would stay to oversee Trust business during the election period. The re-constituted board will have a total of 7 members. There are therefore 4 vacancies to be filled via an election process.

In accordance with the national policy of the Football Supporters Association (FSA) the elections will be overseen by an Election Management Group which will be Independently Chaired by Neil le Milliere from the FSA and Exeter City Supporters Trust. The other members will consist of Chris Johnson and Colin Whittle, former members of the Trust Board and Norman Watson, who is Secretary of the Trust.

This is your chance as a member of the Trust to stand for election to the board. Members will receive an email with further information about the election process.

Any queries relating to the elections should be sent to the independent Election Management Group for the attention of Neil Le Milliere at [email protected]