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Supporter tips for digital ticketing at St James' Park

Thank you for all of your feedback on digital ticketing. It will take everyone a bit of time to get used to the systems so here are the most common issues we have heard about that supporters can fix themselves. 

We have passed on to the club the other issues you have made us aware of.

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If you don't have a barcode on your ticket, hold the back of your phone (rather than the screen) up to the top reader and wait for it to be recognised. When it goes green, the gate staff will manually press the gate release for you to get in.

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If you have a barcode on your ticket, use the bottom reader and hold your screen against the barcode reader. When it goes green, the gate staff will manually press the gate release for you to get in.

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In Apple Wallet, make sure the ticket is selected rather than just being on the screen with your other passes. Tap on the ticket and the 'Hold Near Reader' prompt should be visible.

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Android user? Make sure ‘Near-Field Communication’ (NFC) is enabled in your settings

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If you downloaded your digital season ticket to your device wallet and it has since disappeared, check ‘Expired Passes’ and tap ‘Unhide’. You may need to do this after each game. If this doesn’t work, contact the club ahead of matchday.

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If you’re an iPhone user and your season ticket ‘expires’ after each match it might look like it’s disappeared from your Apple Wallet. You can ‘unhide’ it as above but to ensure it stops happening at all, you can switch off ‘Hide Expired Passes’ in Apple Pay and Wallet Settings.

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