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Safe Standing /Atmosphere Survey

Open Survey - Safe Standing and Atmosphere at St. James' Park

We have created a survey to gather your thoughts on the safe standing area at St James’ Park.

The section was introduced over the summer in the Strawberry Corner of the ground and now that we have had 10 competitive home fixtures we thought now would be a good opportunity to gauge your opinions on this and whether you would be keen for this to be expanded.

There’s also a free text option on there for you to share your thoughts on anything that you feel could improve the atmosphere at home games.

This survey is open to the wider fanbase. This will be open to all respondents until 7pm on Sunday 3rd December. Once the results have been collated, we will share them with our members, the wider fanbase and the club.

Your opinions are important to us so please do take five minutes to fill out the survey. 

Members - We sent you the survey on Sunday 26th November, so please check your emails. 

If you're not a member of NUST - Please click here.

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