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Over the past few weeks, board members of the Trust have endeavoured to help as many Newcastle United Supporters as possible with your queries on everything relating to our club. 

We are conscious that the club is working hard to get back to people as quickly as possible, so we are happy to provide as much advice and support as possible to both our members and the wider supporter base. By sharing and learning from likeminded supporters, we have the social media reach to share questions and answers.

The Trust exists to represent both our members and the wider fan base to ensure the best interests of Newcastle United supporters is represented with the club.

The Newcastle United Supporters Trust is the only all issue, democratically elected supporter group connected to Newcastle United, but as a not-for-profit organisation that operates as a co-operative, we still need to cover our overheads as a minimum. With this in mind, we would be very grateful if you would consider joining the Trust for only £1 a year plus £1 to buy your share in the Trust.

We have over 10500 members at present, and the more members on board, the stronger our voice can be heard. Please join us today - here

We would also hugely welcome either one off or monthly donations by clicking here

Join our collective voice. 

Together we are stronger!

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