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2023 Election Results

We're delighted to reveal the results for this year's NUST Board Election. We are pleased to have had such a fantastic group of candidates.

First of all, the Board would like to place on record its gratitude and thanks to Andy Walsh from the Football Supporters Association (FSA), who gave up his time to be the Independent Election Chair of the Election Management Committee. A copy of the Independent Chair’s Election Report can be found here. Successful candidates will be co-opted onto the Board until the next Trust AGM as previously announced.

Voter turnout:

There were 1,991 individual voters who cast their ballot out of a possible 10,427 with 208 abstentions. 



Pete Davey – 822 votes (Elected)

Felicity Thow – 799 votes (Elected)


Lisa Mole – 771 votes (Elected)


Adam Stoker – 762 votes (Elected)


Olivia Thomson – 756 votes (Elected)


Kevin Patterson – 639 votes (Elected)


Sam Dalling – 535 votes

Steve Lowthian – 502 votes

Stephen Ord – 485 votes

Nick Kane – 474 votes

Steve Binks – 431 votes

Jonathan (Jon) Lane – 334 votes

Richard Barnsdall – 252 votes

Abstain - 108 

The successful candidates join the existing board members:

- Greg Tomlinson (Chair)
- Paul Karter (Vice Chair)
- Cliff Culley 
- Charlotte Robson (until next AGM)

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