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2021 Board Elections

The Trust is pleased to announce that our annual elections are due to begin later this month, with the aim of having a new board in place before the start of the 2021-22 campaign. The board is committed to annual elections to allow the membership to continually have a democratic say in the running of the Trust. Any member from anywhere in the world can stand for election and we would encourage anyone who wants to shape the direction of the NUST to stand for a position.

This year, there will be five board positions contested after the current board voted to expand the number of directors by three to 12. Terms for board positions are three years. Alongside the three fresh positions, Greg Tomlinson, our current chair, is up for re-election, while Linda Bush, a well-respected board member, has resigned and is not standing again. Linda has been a dedicated and valued member of the board and her service to the NUST and its members deserves commendation.

There is no requirement, beyond being a member, for you to be on the board. You do not need to be a season-ticket holder, a match-goer, to live in the North East or even in the UK. In fact, the more diverse opinions we can get, the better our board will represent our members and our supporters.

The election will run to the following timetable:

Period: Friday, July 9-Friday, July 16

A seven-day application process for members to apply for a position. An email will be sent out on Friday, July 9, confirming that the application period is open.

Members must register their interest in standing for a position on the NUST Board by downloading a nomination form from the NUST website, to be completed and returned to the Independent Chair of the Election Management Group, Chris Waugh, at [email protected]. You must read the NUST Election Policy and Election Social Media Policy.

Download NUST Election Form 2021

NUST Election Policy 2021

NUST Election Social Media Policy

Period: Friday, July 16-Friday, July 23

A seven-day turnaround for candidates who have registered an interest in standing to complete all the necessary paperwork. Members must confirm their interest in standing for a position on the NUST Board together with a statement in support of their nomination (which should be between 400 and 1,000 words) to be completed and sent to the Independent Chair (detailed above) at [email protected]

Period: Monday, July 26-Thursday, July 29

Candidates formally announced and opportunities for candidates to speak to fans and members through various media platforms about their candidacy in the election.

Period: Friday, July 30-Friday, August 6

The election begins and members vote online for their preferred candidates (details to follow).

Date: Friday, August 6
Voting closes and results announced.

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