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2021 Annual Survey

Today the Newcastle United Supporters Trust has released the results of its first annual survey. The survey ran from 25th July to 6th August. Having reviewed our survey results and as a result of growing concern over the performances on the pitch since the start of the 2021-22 season, we ran a quick pulse survey on Sunday 3rd October to seek the opinion of our members on the current situation at Newcastle United to supplement the results from the main survey.

The full survey report can be downloaded here 

Following a seventh straight game without a win at the start of the Premier League season, eight in all competitions, and with just 7 wins in the last 37, there was clear anger growing amongst the away end at Wolverhampton on Saturday, and this anger is reflected across all social media channels, podcasts, and websites.

In order to ensure that we secured a strong and therefore reflective response, the Trust asked only three questions in the pule survey:

Firstly, we asked NUST members if they believed Steve Bruce should resign in the best interests of Newcastle United, and from over 5000 responses in a 12-hour period? A resounding 94.3% said yes.

Following this, we then asked members if they were confident that Newcastle United would retain their place in the Premier League this season? Again, a resounding 95.9% said no.

Finally, we asked if members were confident that those in power at Newcastle United would make the necessary changes to stay in the Premier League? 94.4% of respondents said no.

The board of The Newcastle United Supporters Trust strongly encourages Newcastle United, and manager Steve Bruce to listen to the fans.

The discontent amongst our fan base is completely justified, and the concerns fans raise are clear for all to see. The environment the club has set up inevitably leads to further anger in the stands and results in a toxic atmosphere for the players tasked with securing our Premier League status.

By failing to listen to and address supporter concerns, it will only get worse.

Newcastle United must act now.

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