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The Trust exists to provide a way for the fans to get their voices heard by Newcastle United FC. We’re not a protest group, we want to develop formal links between supporters and the Club and to be a positive influence on supporter issues.


Ahead of the Parliamentary debate on 25th June the Labour Party came out in support of Safe Standing. At a press conference held at QPR’s Loftus Road shadow sports minister Dr Rosena Allin-Khan announced the party’s support saying;
‘It’s time for change. Labour’s decision is the result of in depth consultation with football clubs, fans and safety authorities .we want to give the power to fans, clubs and local safety authorities to allow for a small area inside a stadium to be designated for safe standing, clubs, fans and local authorities know their stadium far better than anybody in Whitehall-the decisions should rest with them’

The policy decision followed on from a positive consultation discussion with representatives from supporters groups, including NUST Chair Peter Fanning, earlier in the week.
The Government also said it would review its position on Safe Standing with a spokesman stating;
‘We recognise that technology and stadium design has evolved since the all seater policy was introduced and the time is right to look at the issue’.
This is all happening ahead of the Parliamentary debate in parliament on 25th June .We await the debate with interest.


Last week the FA/Premier League/EFL announced the introduction of a winter break in English football for the first time, commencing from the start of the 2019/20 season.
Due to take place in February with a two week winter break seeing a round of Premier League games split over two weekends with the FA Cup 5th round -remember that? – moving to a midweek .5th round replays will be scrapped to be replaced with extra time and penalties to accommodate the change.

Interesting to see that whilst the FA pressed ahead with its plan to introduce the winter break the research from Football Supporters Federation (FSF) carried out in its 2016 survey as part of its ‘Whole Game Solution’ showed that match going fans were largely opposed to its introduction-37% being ‘absolutely opposed’ to a winter break, 24 % being ‘broadly opposed’ to the idea.
An FSF spokesman said; ‘we are disappointed that supporters views have been outweighed by other factors in the decision’.
Whatever your view-for or against a winter break- there’s no doubt that moving the fifth round to mid -week will create potential travel issues for supporters…as if we don’t have enough already!….and how long before clubs embark on lucrative winter break ‘tours’? One to watch .

Safe Standing Update

The refusal earlier this year of the Government to reject West Bromwich Albion’s application to pilot rail-seating technology at the Hawthorns catapulted the whole issue of Safe Standing into the public arena to a degree that supporters could hardly have anticipated. The club had asked for permission to install 3,600 rail-seats at the Hawthorns in both the home end and part of the away end. The application had the backing of both the local Safety Advisory Group and West Midlands Police but Sports Minister Tracey Crouch rejected the application – a decision described as ‘short sighted’ by the club-whilst claiming those in favour of Safe Standing to be in the ‘vocal minority’.
The decision came only a week after a delegation from Liverpool supporters Group ‘Spirit of Shankly’-following on from their membership voting in favour of rail seating following a consultation exercise last year- visited Celtic Park to observe the operation of Rail Seating at Celtic and described the visit as a ‘positive experience’.
The FSF has been long campaigning for the return of Safe Standing, co-ordinating its member groups to demonstrate support for its campaign, and encouraging positive engagement with stakeholders in the debate including fans themselves, clubs, the FA, EFL, Premier league ,ground Safety Authorities ,Police and the DCMS.

As a result of the refusal of West Brom’s application and the subsequent comments from Sports Minister Tracey Crouch claiming those in favour to be in the ‘vocal minority’ Safe Standing campaigner Jon Darch promoted a petition to ‘allow Premier League and Championship football clubs to introduce safe standing’. The petition collected over 112,000 resulting in the matter being listed for a Parliamentary debate on 25th June 2018.
Ahead of that debate in order to obtain the views of supporters Shadow Sports Minister Dr Rosena Allin -Khan has called a meeting of national supporter organisations, which will take place in London tomorrow, and NUST will be in attendance represented by Chair Peter Fanning.
On the Eve of the meeting the Government announced that it was starting a review of all-seater stadium policy in the top two divisions stating ‘the time is now right’ to look at the law in this area.

There is no doubt that momentum is gathering and changes are likely in the near future. More information to follow!
Newcastle United Supporters Trust


As supporters await the release of next seasons fixtures later this month details of our pre-season schedule have already been released. Here’s some dates for your diaries;

Tue 17.07.2018 St. Patrick’s Athletic (Ireland) (a) @ Richmond Park, Dublin, 7.45pm. Friendly. Tue 24.07.2018 Hull City (a) @ KCOM Stadium, 7.45pm. Friendly. Sat 28.07.2018 FC Porto (Portugal) (a) @ Dragao Stadium, Porto, KO tbc. Friendly. Wed 01.08.2018 team tbc (a) @ venue tbc, KO tbc. Friendly. Sat 04.08.2018 FC Augsburg (Germany) (h) @ SJP, 3pm. Friendly.
Ticket details are yet to be released but potential trips to Ireland and Portugal have already been subject to plenty of discussion amongst fans!


It has been a pleasure to be involved with NUFC Fans Foodbank since its inception in February 2017 with NUST Board members Colin Whittle and Mal McLean regular match day volunteers. Match day collections are now well established and the response from supporters has been unbelievable, donating both cash and food. Unity in the Community! Newcastle fans supporting those less well off in our community.
However, now the football season is at a close, alternative ways of raising funds are being explored by NUFC Fans Foodbank…after all hunger is not a seasonal thing.
The Donation Station at Newcastle Grainger Market is now well established opening on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10am until 4pm- if you want to help out please drop in!-and brings in a constant stream of contributions but more is needed.

So the team behind NUFC Fans Foodbank have been out and about.
Firstly to St James Park for ‘Magic Weekend’ Rugby…a strange experience in the sense that it was a totally different crowd, and the well – established volunteers turned out to be ‘strangers in their own city’ not being able to chat to our usual regular contributors.
Then last weekend we were pleased to be able to set up at the ‘The Farm’ gig at the O2 with Bill Corcoran and Steve Hastie. There was a great response from those attending the concert and the band themselves. Thanks to everyone who made that happen. A great experience .All Together Now!

What next? Well its back to St James Park this weekend, setting up at the usual spot opposite NINE Bar before the Ed Sheeran concerts. A different crowd perhaps, but hopefully one that will be fully supportive of the cause. If you are reading this article, and you are aware of people who are attending please let them know about NUFC Fans Foodbank, hopefully they will be willing to contribute. Every little bit helps!

Away fans survey

For the last five years the FSF have been seeking the views of fans who follow their clubs up and down the country with the ultimate aim being to improve the away fans experience and encourage more supporters to watch their team away from home.

Here at NUFC, supporters travel in numbers, selling out our allocations wherever we go. If you are an away traveller you’ll have clocked up many miles during the course of the season, in many cases at great cost and inconvenience. No doubt you will have views on a wide range of subjects in relation to away travel-likes, dislikes, whether or not you feel taken for granted or valued in anyway.

The views of supporters helps shape the issues that the FSF discuss with clubs and football authorities. Remember the whole ‘twentys plenty’ campaign and capping of away tickets in the Premier League was due to the excellent work undertaken by the FSF. Make your views known to the FSF by completing their survey which can be found at;

Fans Forum – Is It Working?

Late last month was the first meeting of the Fans Forum for nearly a year. During that time there had been disappointing transfer windows, and the club had been put up for sale by the owner. NUST had raised the failure of the club to call meetings with the Premier League. Fans were desperate for information about what was going on but it seemed to many that the more there was to talk about the less likely the club were to meet with the fans.
We’ve pushed for future meetings to be diaried in advance and that has now been agreed so let’s hope those dates aren’t missed. The detailed minutes have been issued and can be seen here:
This report isn’t going to go through the minutes again as we don’t dispute the accuracy of them as a formal record from the meeting. I will, as usual try to report on my feelings about being part of the Forum and what it might mean to fans.
Since the minutes were published there has been a lot of reaction mainly through social media but also in the local media. Much of it has been critical of the process and in some cases critical of those who attend the Forum. This seems to be because there were no major controversies or big statements from the club to catch the eye.
Whatever those who weren’t there think about the role of Forum members, questions were asked about the ticket loyalty scheme, supporter safety and security issues around the ground, the national issue of safe standing, the Premier League’s requirement to relocate away fans to pitch side, the future development of St. James’ Park, fixture schedules affected by TV, when the club accounts would be published, transfer issues and commercial income.
There’s no doubt that Lee Charnley and the other club representatives are much better at answering questions than they were at the beginning. Nothing to suggest this time that cups weren’t a priority, that mid table mediocrity was all we were aiming for and there wasn’t a pay day lender in sight. Neither was there, however, the kind of shining ambition we hear from Rafa Benitez when he talks about what he wants to achieve at Newcastle. The non-football senior management are much better at trying to manage expectations than providing inspirational leadership in their dealings with the fans.
The Trust has always tried to represent questions from our members when we attend the Forum. Our role is to develop a better dialogue between the club and fans and we try to do that by encouraging ongoing dialogue and discussion even though at times we are not happy with the answers we get from the club.
I was unhappy with the club’s responses about future development of St. James’ Park, their answer about when the club accounts would be published was unacceptable and the way they explain our level of commercial income is never convincing. Little was to be gained, however, by pursuing these points once the club stated their position.
We persuaded the club to commit to future Forum dates, they agreed to support the need for national discussions about safe standing, they have worked with Forum members and the City Council over road closures on match days and a working group involving fans was organised to review the loyalty points scheme for away tickets. These things may not have generated enough controversy to warrant media headlines but they are important to many fans.
Anyone unhappy about what is asked should contact Forum members before the meeting to discuss questions they might want raised, this includes members of the local media and all fans who are interested. The Trust’s part in the Forum has not been without incident and it is nowhere near a perfect system but perhaps those who criticise how it operates should look to play a more active part.


Supporters will be aware from previous NUST articles of the recent high profile surrounding the Safe Standing Campaign and in particular of the Parliamentary petition which has now gained over 111,000 signatures, passing the 100,000 required to have the matter considered for debate in Parliament.

The government have now released a statement in response to the petition which is detailed below;
‘’The Government believes that all-seater stadia are currently the best means to ensure the safety and security of fans at designated football matches in England and Wales.
The Government thanks all the football supporters who made their views known through this petition.
The Government believes that all-seater stadia are currently the best means to ensure the safety and security of fans at designated football matches in England and Wales, while continuing to work closely with the Sports Grounds Safety Authority and football authorities to consider advances in technology and data that may enhance the existing policy.
A debate in Parliament on this issue has been tabled for 25 June, when the nuances and complexities of sports ground safety will be covered in more detail.
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’’
As previously reported the issue is to be debated on 25th June 2018.We will report on any further developments.


After a period of 8 years as Chair of NUST Norman Watson has taken the decision to stand down from his role, but will continue his involvement with the Trust as a member of the NUST board.
Norman, who joined the Board of NUST in 2010 and was immediately elected to the role of trust Chairman, has overseen a variety of issues in the role and has to navigate a way through the turbulent relationship between the club and its supporters under the ownership of Mike Ashley.
His decision to step down from the role coincides with an upturn in the clubs fortunes under the stewardship of Rafa Benitez , who has consolidated the clubs position after promotion to the Premier League.

Norman, commenting upon his decision, stated;
‘I’ve enjoyed my time as Chairman of NUST although obviously there have been some difficult times on the pitch, with two relegations in that period. It has been a pleasure to be involved in initiatives such as the formation of our own Credit Union, the setting up of NUFC Fans Foodbanks, and the regular interaction with supporters who have requested help and support from NUST. Perhaps the most frustrating thing is being unable to brief our fan base on various ‘buy out ‘ proposals over the years where NUST have been ,understandably, signed to confidentiality agreements .I’m looking forward to continuing my role on the Trust Board and wish Peter all the best in his new role’.
Taking over the role of Chairman will be current NUST Vice Chairman Peter Fanning who has worked closely with Norman over the years and is the present the NUST lead on a number of initiatives. As well as being the NUST member of the Fans Forum, Peter leads on engagement with the FSF, Premier League and Sky TV as well as being the first point of contact at the Trust for many fans groups up and down the country.
Peter, commenting upon his decision to take up the role of NUST Chairman said;
‘I’d like to thank Norman for his stewardship of NUST in what has been a difficult period over the years. Following his decision to step down from the role I was delighted to be nominated to take over the position and will look to carry on his good work over the years. In particular I am looking to ensure that NUST carry on the outstanding community work that has been undertaken in recent times and continue to build the relationship between the club and its supporters’

Stepping up to the role of joint Vice Chairman will be current Board Members Michael Carling and Anthony Armstrong ,both who will be known to the NUFC fan base because of their respective involvement with True Faith fanzine and Wor Flags.
NUST would like to thank Norman for his contribution in the role of Trust Chairman and wish Peter all the best in his new role.


We recently wrote to the club following the late scheduling of the Everton away fixture suggesting compensation for those supporters who were out of pocket due to the re-scheduling. To the clubs credit they have come forward with an offer and have released the following statement with details of how to apply for compensation;

‘’Supporters who were left out-of-pocket following the rescheduling of Newcastle United’s match at Everton can now apply to the club for a financial gesture.
The fixture was originally set to take place on Saturday 21st April but was moved to an 8pm kick-off on Monday 23rd April after being a late selection for live broadcast by Sky Sports.
The club announced in April that it would fully refund match tickets returned more than 72 hours before kick-off and would also look to ease the financial burden for fans who had booked non-refundable travel or accommodation before the switch of dates.
In addition, supporters who retained tickets bought before the rescheduling were each given a £5 voucher to be redeemed on food and drink at Goodison Park concourse kiosks.
How to apply
Supporters who had pre-paid for non-refundable, non-transferable travel or accommodation can apply here:
Please note that you must have your travel or accommodation documents ready to upload from your device in order to complete your application.
How the process will work
All details provided will be used exclusively by Newcastle United to analyse out-of-pocket expenses for the match at Everton.
The club will consider each application on its own merits and may contact you if further information is needed.
Once all applications have been assessed, the club will contact each applicant directly to confirm whether or not the claim has been successful and, if applicable, how much will be received.’’

Who are we?

The Newcastle United Supporters Trust is not a protest group, but a positive force for change.

We seek to benefit our football club and its supporters by channeling the passion of its loyal supporters into a forward-thinking non-profit organisation that is a legally constituted, democratic, not-for-profit Supporters Trust.

The Newcastle United Supporters Trust (NUST) seeks to benefit both the Football Club and its supporters by channeling the passion of Newcastle supporters into a forward-thinking organisation that is a legally constituted, democratic, not-for-profit Supporters Trust of Newcastle United.

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