Women & Girls Football Development Meeting

Diversity / NUST News / Womens Football - 11-11-2020

Our Board member Linda Bush has attended a webinar this week to look at ‘What’s next for women’s football and the importance of women in leadership’. It was hosted by Claire Balding and has a panel of key individuals involved in the development of women and girls football, including Kelly Simmons, Women’s Professional Game Director at the FA. The event has a focus on the role of women in leadership in all aspects of football, and Linda highlighted the recent NUST election as a real positive outcome for women in leadership roles in football and asked the panel about how supporter organisations can influence their clubs in putting more support to the development of the women’s game.

NUST members have previously expressed significant interest and some concern in what NUFC is doing to support the development of a professional women’s team. Linda hopes to meet with NUFC club representatives soon to get an update on what plans NUFC have to work towards the development of a women’s team that competes at the highest level.