NUST Board Elections 2019: The Results

NUST News - 31-10-2019

We are pleased to announce that our annual elections to the Board have now been completed. The 4 successful candidates are Alex Hurst, Peter Maughan, Michael Mannion and Shaun Wade which will join the existing 3 Linda Bush, Greg Tomlinson and Thomas Concannon to make a board of 7. Congratulations to all of them and many thanks to all the members who took part. We had a good turnout with nearly 3,000 members voting. Full voting figures are included below.

Alex Hurst 24% 2042
Peter J. Maughan 19% 1576
Michael Mannion 14% 1177
Shaun Wade 14% 1159
Jack McLane 8% 657
Chris Heron 7% 622
Joshua Bell 5% 460
Anthony Armstrong 5% 460
Paul O’Brien 4% 311

There will be a Special General Meeting tomorrow night (1st November 2019) at 7pm in Lecture Room 2 of the Herschel Building, Newcastle University, to approve the Report of the Election Management Group and introduce the newly elected Board members. This will be followed be a Question and Answer session.

The Trust will now begin the important task of improving and extending supporter influence at the club.


Norman Watson




12 years gone, NEVER forgotten. Sir Bobby Robson 🖤🤍