NUST Board Elections 2019: The Results

NUST News - 31-10-2019

We are pleased to announce that our annual elections to the Board have now been completed. The 4 successful candidates are Alex Hurst, Peter Maughan, Michael Mannion and Shaun Wade which will join the existing 3 Linda Bush, Greg Tomlinson and Thomas Concannon to make a board of 7. Congratulations to all of them and many thanks to all the members who took part. We had a good turnout with nearly 3,000 members voting. Full voting figures are included below.

Alex Hurst 24% 2042
Peter J. Maughan 19% 1576
Michael Mannion 14% 1177
Shaun Wade 14% 1159
Jack McLane 8% 657
Chris Heron 7% 622
Joshua Bell 5% 460
Anthony Armstrong 5% 460
Paul O’Brien 4% 311

There will be a Special General Meeting tomorrow night (1st November 2019) at 7pm in Lecture Room 2 of the Herschel Building, Newcastle University, to approve the Report of the Election Management Group and introduce the newly elected Board members. This will be followed be a Question and Answer session.

The Trust will now begin the important task of improving and extending supporter influence at the club.


Norman Watson