NUFC Trust Board Meeting Minutes (January 2020)

Meeting Minutes / NUST News - 24-01-2020

Minutes of NUST Board held on January 13th 2020 in Gateshead.

Present: Alex Hurst, Peter Maughan, Michael Mannion, Thomas Concannon, Jim Chisem
from FSA Europe and Chair of Huddersfield. F.C. Trust. Norman Watson, Secretary.
Linda Bush, Shaun Wade, Greg Tomlinson- by phone.

1. Banking Up-Date.

Alex reported that we are now in the process of setting up on-line Banking with
Barclays Bank. He and Norman would be signatories. It was agreed that Thomas
Concannon would be the third signatory.

2. Next AGM.

It was agreed that this would be held in February in the Lit &Phil. Press would be
invited. Alex to arrange the meeting. 14 days notice required.

3. Contact with NUFC.

Alex reported that he had recently exchanged e-mails to arrange a meeting with the
Club in early February. Nothing arranged yet. The club has also previously agreed
with Trust for us to nominate an Accountant to make a review of the latest Club
Accounts. So far, no terms of agreement with the club had been agreed to allow this
to happen.

Alex to seek a meeting with Chief Executive, Lee Charnley in early February.

4. Fans Focus Group update.

Linda reported that she and Michael had attended a Fans Forum meeting in
December about the work of the Foundation. The presentation by the Head of the
Foundation was excellent, and reflected the excellent work the Foundation
undertakes. Linda was keen to explore ways in the Trust could work with the
Foundation to help the growth of the Women’s Team.

Thomas reported that the Ticketing Group held on December 17 th was not very
productive- with a lot of questions being referred to the Finance Department. He
intended to e-mail Lee Marshall to check on any progress. Thomas was still waiting
for the Loyalty Group list from the Club. There were also outstanding issues with the
on-line ticketing system, with some fans finding themselves banned!

There was also no evidence of members of the general public attending these
meetings, as they were entitled to if they had a specific issue to raise.

So far only the Trust, NUDSA and a rep. from Fans United had attended.

5. Social Media.

There was a general feeling that we were putting enough information out on Social
Media. Thomas agreed to take that on.

6. Pledge Scheme.

Alex reported that we had received a quote to provide legal advice. It was agreed to
seek further advice from a specialist BenCom lawyer before agreeing on the final
legal structure.

Alex also presented the outline costs needed to develop the Pledge Scheme further.
This was agreed in principle. The Board will kept in touch with any costs involved as
the scheme develops. It was agreed to aim for a Scheme Launch in April 2020.
Alex to send details of the App proposal to Linda.

7. AOB.

It was agreed that we would only respond to requests for help from people who
were Trust members- or happy become one.

The Board also gave full backing to Shaun Wade to continue his work with the
Newcastle United Powerchair team.

Next meeting to be held on February 10th in Gateshead.