Loving the Toon

- 28-09-2017

Streetwise Opera – an organisation who do opera with homeless people, are currently working on their next big production which will be performed for 3 nights at the Sage in Gateshead in April 2018.
The production is broadly based around Britten’s Cabaret songs but they want to bring in ties to the local area and have chosen to explore love stories from the local area as a way to do this. And of course, one of the ‘loves’ that came up was the love of Newcastle United!
They are interested in talking to anyone who may have stories/anecdotes/events/moments that they, or someone they know, has experienced which stood out and shows either someone’s fascination/love/devotion to Newcastle United or could also be someone expressing love to someone else during a match in a funny/unusual way. They are also interested in talking to anyone who might have attended the finals in the 50s when Newcastle United won the FA cup.
Do you have any stories/anecdotes you’d like to share – or do you have any contacts who might be interested in getting involved? Just to be clear – if you are interested, you would be sharing your stories with someone as part of the research phase. They would then look at incorporating them into the production in some way – you wouldn’t have to perform in the production!
The other thing is they are looking into songs associated with Newcastle United – they have quite a few already but wondered if they’ve missed any key songs!
No pressure to get involved – but if this is of interest let us know, or if you have friends who might be interested, please get in touch on [email protected] and we will pass you or your contact(s) onto Streetwise Opera.