Our Plan

At the end of January hundreds of loyal Newcastle United supporters took the decision to end their relationship with their football club in the form of cancelling direct debits which pays for the season ticket. Thousands of others have been forced into this decision over the years because of decisions made by the owner of the club.

Currently Newcastle United operates without transparency. Communication from the owner and the Managing Director is negligible and very few fans feel confident in the future of the club under its current owner.

At the Newcastle United Trust we remain open to working with Newcastle United to become a community orientated football club which is run in the interests of supporters, not the owner or his other business interests. We would like to begin dialogue with the club and aid the people running it as much as we can.

The club to date has shown no interest in working with us, but we remain hopeful that should the club be sold in the near or distant future that new owners would be keen to engage with the Supporters Trust and its members for the good of Newcastle United and its supporters. With this in mind the newly installed Supporters Trust board would urge fans who have cancelled season tickets to send proof of loyalty points to the Supporters Trust. In the event that the club was sold the Supporters Trust will lobby the new ownership to reinstate loyalty points of fans willing to return to the club.

While there are no guarantees of new owners in the near future for any football club, it would be hoped that the loyalty of supporters would be recognised by a new owner willing to communicate with the fan base for the good of the football club.

If you have cancelled a Season Ticket, please fill out the form below and we will keep your details in the hope of arguing your case should you wish to return to the club.

Me and my family have been ST holders for over 50 years, we’ve gained over 350 combined points, that loyalty shouldn’t be so easily ripped apart.

- Graeme

The Proposal

What are we planning?

If you've recently cancelled or are planning on cancelling your Season Ticket soon, get proof of your loyalty points, this could be a screenshot of your account page, an email from the box office, or a letter from the box office. Then send them to us using the form below.
Wait for the club to be sold to new owners.
The Trust will use the information we have gathered through fans, their opinions, loyalty point numbers and passion to negotiate the reinstatement of these points by the clubs new owners.

Send Us Your Points

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