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The Trust exists to provide a way for the fans to get their voices heard by Newcastle United FC. We’re not a protest group, we want to develop formal links between supporters and the Club and to be a positive influence on supporter issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will do our best to answer all questions our supporters may have. If you have any remaining questions, please contact us at

What is a Supporters Trust?

A Supporters’ Trust is a democratic, not-for-profit organisation of supporters, committed to strengthening the voice for supporters in the decision making process at a club, and strengthening the links between the club and the community it serves.

What are membership fees spent on?

All Trust revenue from membership subscriptions will be deposited in the Trust’s bank account and will be used, initially, to cover any essential administration costs incurred in setting up the Trust. Any surplus will be retained in the account for use by the Trust membership, in association with the democratically elected board, all in full accordance with the Trust rules and regulations.

The Trust’s finances are fully audited every year and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

What is the difference between a Supporters Trust and a Fans Group?

A Trust can own shares or property, it can ultimately own the club, and at the very least, own a shareholding.

A fan group is more of a social collective which might be equally concerned about the situation at the club but due to its unregulated status legally unable to buy the club or operate in the same way as a Trust.

Who runs NUST?

Each year the members given the opportunity to elect a board to represent them.  Every member of the Trust has the same vote as anyone else.  There are no majority share holders. There is an elected ‘Chair’ of the board who directs the board but the ‘Chair’ also only has one vote in any matter, the same as any member. 

If I join NUST can I stand for election to the board?

Any member can stand for election and there are no reasons preventing any member from joining the board.

Why Should I join NUST?

The Trust gives fans a collective voice.  We are recognised by the Premier League as a legitimate fan organisation and as such Newcastle United is duty bound to interact with us each season.  As a wholly democratic organisation your voice matters. The Trust wants to represent fan wishes on crucial issues for fans like safe standing, ticket pricing, away ticket allocations, community issues.  Addressing these issues is only possible with your help and your membership.

Is NUST aligned to any fan groups?

None at all.  Fans are welcome from any group to become a member but NUST stands alone and is not affiliated in any way to any other fan group or movement.

Can I attend NUST meetings?

While board meetings are board members only, the Trust plans to hold open meetings across the city and if membership allows it, other parts of the UK where members can raise questions or discuss important topics on the football club

If I join NUST, how can I make my views heard?

You can email the board any time with your ideas or talking points and we are compelled to respond to you – the email address to do so is – we want to hear from you!

Does the Trust support the proposed Boycott plans, be it a single match, full stadium boycott, boycott of club merchandise etc?

The Trust will not push any of it’s members to either boycott or not boycott and will leave the decisions to each individual member. As a democratic Trust we exist for those members attending the match and not attending the match, those who buy the clubs merchandise and those who choose not to.

The Trust will survey it’s members when required to understand what the member base feels and will publish those results to the member base and to the public where necessary to give an overall position of the Trust based on it’s members views.


Who are we?

The Newcastle United Supporters Trust is not a protest group, but a positive force for change.

We seek to benefit our football club and its supporters by channeling the passion of its loyal supporters into a forward-thinking non-profit organisation that is a legally constituted, democratic, not-for-profit Supporters Trust.

The Newcastle United Supporters Trust (NUST) seeks to benefit both the Football Club and its supporters by channeling the passion of Newcastle supporters into a forward-thinking organisation that is a legally constituted, democratic, not-for-profit Supporters Trust of Newcastle United.

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