Thank you to all members who filled in our member survey.

4,806 members filled in the survey in the allocated two weeks and we are thrilled that so many members took the time to make their views known to the Trust.

The Trust exists with the goal of enhancing supporter involvement in the football club. While we are working hard to try and realise our passionate belief in fan ownership of the club one day, we want to be able to accurately and regularly feedback the views of members to the football club.

From the survey it’s clear that as a Trust we are not doing enough to encourage women and fans under 24 and over 50 to take up Trust membership.  That is something the Trust will act on with urgency.  We want to be a vehicle for all fans regardless of age, gender or location in the world.

To that end the results in the survey were interesting in terms of member location.  A majority of members who completed the survey reside in the North East but there are a good number of members based outside of the North East and the in the rest of the world. We’re keen that NUST represents fans wherever they’re located.  Newcastle United is a global community.

Fans responses on tickets and match attendance was split.  The Trust represents both non-season ticket holders and current season ticket holders fairly equally, with 40% of members attending a first team away game next season.  The Trust should be there for fans who attend and don’t attend whether that’s due to location, cost, or personal boycotts of St James’ Park.

A massive 91% of supporters are not satisfied with the current communication from Newcastle United towards its supporters.  This is a message we hope the club take note of as communication between club and supporter should be better than it is. We hope the club take on board the feedback and a new transformative communication strategy is put in place for the good of the football club and its supporters.

In terms of the proposed boycott by fans of the Arsenal game the results were unequivocal 84% in favour.   When results were filtered to show only members who are current season ticket holders the figure drops to 67% which is still a clear majority of those members surveyed. The Supporters Trust does not assume to tell any member how or when to support the club, each members views are their own.  We hope the football club take in to account the dissatisfaction of the memberships views ahead of the new season. 

We are hoping to meet the club in the coming weeks to discuss the survey results and a host of other topics that are important to the support.   Supporters Trust board will continue to work for its members.  Elections are forthcoming for positions on the board and we will be communicating the process in due course. 

Thanks for reading. If you aren’t yet a member then please sign up and have a voice within the Trust.  Myself and the rest of the board want to hear from members. You can email us at any ideas or questions you have. 

Alex Hurst