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The Trust exists to provide a way for the fans to get their voices heard by Newcastle United FC. We’re not a protest group, we want to develop formal links between supporters and the Club and to be a positive influence on supporter issues.

On our way to Wembley…..or are we?

Back in October 2017 NUST became aware via our network of links with other supporter groups that consideration was being given to Sky moving fixtures to Christmas Eve, which last year fell on a Sunday. Under their deal with the Premier League Sky can choose to move two fixtures at their discretion to 1.30pm and 4pm on a Sunday.
Pressure was quickly brought to bear upon the football authorities by fans groups – we ourselves have written to both NUFC and Sky-and led by the Football Supporters Federation we attended a meeting with the Premier League. Having listened to our representations they agreed not to take up a televised game on Christmas Eve.
A small victory so far but it just goes to show what fans can do when working together. As part of our representations to the Premier League we emphasised that in our view supporters views should be taken into consideration when allocating fixtures for broadcasting.
Sadly in the latest round of fixtures due to be broadcast we find that our trip to Spurs has been moved again, this time to the Friday night slot once, giving no consideration to how difficult it will be for travelling fans.
With the new schedules for March NUFC there have been 12 away games rescheduled for broadcasting purposes with over 5700 miles clocked up by NUFC fans travelling to away fixtures this season.
Once again little regard is had for travelling fans. Now I know Rafa is doing a great job with limited resources this season but we’re hardly playing football like the Entertainers of KK’s days so what is it that draws the TV cameras to us? Could it be that for all of our away fixtures, wherever we play and however difficult the travel is, we sell out our full allocation of tickets? Anybody think that somebody is taking somebody for granted here?
We are speaking to Spurs Trust and they have warned us about the travel difficulties in London after evening games and the difficulties our fans will face trying to get a train home on the Friday night. What makes it worse this time around is that fans who want to make the most of early booking cheap deals on train tickets or hotels in London need to be careful. Both teams are still in the F.A. Cup and if either team makes it to the 5th Round the Spurs v Newcastle fixture will not go ahead but will be again rescheduled. Is it impossible to pick a game that doesn’t involve teams still in the cup?
There are discussions taking place about joint action that can be taken to influence the way televised fixtures are chosen and we will keep fans informed. We also feel that the club should step forward and play a more active part in in support of its travelling fans!
NUST Board


Toon Aid a new charity setup in Newcastle launched a range of tops with their heart shaped logo a month ago including a NUFC themed Jersey, all in aid of raising money for Newcastle West End Foodbank. They have been selling like ‘hot cakes’ and here is your chance to get your hands on these rare tops.
The Toon Aid tops will be on sale at True Faith Press Forum on 1st February, 19:00 – 22:00, where you can also meet members of the Toon Aid team.
The range includes black and white jerseys, hoodies, t-shirts and polo shirts with 100% of the proceeds going to charity.
To pre-order and reserve your top email or inbox Toon Aid via Facebook or Twitter.
Puma Football Jersey (short sleeve)- £30 Puma Football Jersey (long sleeve) – £32.50 Hoodie – £35 Polo Shirt – £25 Tshirt – £20
Payment via PayPal, Bank Transfer or cash/card during events. Can ship internationally.
What is Toon Aid?
Toon Aid has been set up with the aim of supporting local causes through running campaigns, events and fundraising right throughout the year and they had their soft launch with the ‘£50k by Christmas Day’ campaign. It is hoped as it grows it will be able support more causes, individuals and families facing crisis in Newcastle and even bring together the spirit and generosity of the people to react to global crises.
Dipu Ahad, a member of Toon Aid said, “The people of the North East are known for their kindness and generosity and indeed it is the reason why the campaign was so successful. Toon Aid isn’t exclusive for Newcastle to donate to, it is open to everyone and 100% of the money we raise goes to charity”.
Toon Aid will be officially launching at an event in Autumn. You can email to be kept up to date with progress and be added to the mailing list.
Follow Toon Aid on social:
Twitter: @ToonAid1
Facebook: ToonAid1892

Takeover Talk

NUST are extremely disappointed to learn that the proposed takeover of NUFC has, according to media reports from ‘sources’ close to the owner ,been ‘called off’. We await to hear reports of any updates.
As we have said previously The Ashley Years have been a backward step for Newcastle fans both on and off the pitch. Two relegations, and a potential third, tell their own story. His tenure has been about mid table mediocrity, lack of ambition and a club policy that cups don’t matter because they don’t make enough money. Sadly the owner prioritises his own business interests over those of Newcastle United.

What the Trust wants is an owner who will position the Club in the local community in a way that recognises that the fans, the City Council and the local MPs are not the enemy. We don’t want to accept mid table mediocrity as our goal, we want our team to win trophies, to compete at the highest level and to set standards of excellence that our support deserves.
We want owners who will engage with the fans in a meaningful way and will allow the fans voice to be heard at the highest level in a way that helps to influence Club policy.
We feel that the Club already has the basic preconditions for success under new ownership. They are –
A large fan base with a regular attendance of 52,000.A stadium of sufficient size and quality with the option to expand.Located at the heart of the City.Significant future growth opportunities are available in developing new commercial sponsorship and overseas markets.Capable of maintaining the investment level needed for continuous team development.History and tradition, both in Europe and at home.

Working together with our world class manager and our world class fans new owners can take the Club to the next level, and beyond.
We would therefore urge the owner to honour his commitment to sell the club, reconsider the formal bid that has been made for the club, and relieve himself of an ‘asset’ he has no desire to retain.
In the meantime we are sure fans will continue to back Rafa and the lads on the pitch.
NUST Board


On 1st February 2018 the second TF Transfer Forum is taking place at Tyneside Irish Centre, with all proceeds going to NUFC Fans Foodbank.
We spoke at the first TF Transfer Forum last summer together with local NUFC reporters Martin Hardy, George Caulkin, Mark Douglas, Like Edwards, Craig Hope and a number of TF fanzine writers, and a great night was had by all.
We have been invited to contribute to the panel and are pleased to do so.
The event has now been sold out for what promises to be a very interesting night with the proceeds going to a great cause.
NUST Board



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The Annual General Meeting is open to all shareholding members* of the Newcastle United Supporters Society Limited (trading as Newcastle United Supporters Trust).
*Must be aged 16 or over, and a paid up to date member.


There’s no end of speculation going at present regarding the sale of Newcastle United .We seem to have a ‘willing’ seller and a ‘willing’ buyer and whilst the whole process is obviously complicated there seems a possibility that in the near future we could have a new owner. I don’t think it’s controversial to suggest that the great majority of our supporters will be glad to see the back of the current owner, who I think it’s fair to suggest has used our club more for the promotion of his sports retail business than for the benefit of NUFC itself.
Presuming a new owner does takeover, whilst many will be relieved to see the back of Mr Ashley there will be the interesting question about what does any new owner envisage for the future of Newcastle United.

In 2015 NUST undertook a piece of work entitled ‘Whose Club is it?’ which looked at what we believed a future Newcastle United would look like. At part of this work we organised a Conference which co-incidentally took place shortly after Rafa took over- where supporter’s organisations from England and Scotland attended to discuss the topic of fan engagement and the different forms it took at their own clubs. Attendees included supporters from ‘fan owned’ clubs to those with ‘a formal seat on the Board’ .A common theme to the day was the belief that regardless of who actually owned football clubs (in the strict legal sense) they should be community owned focused representing the areas in which they were based.
We released our ‘Community Ownership Statement’ to coincide with the Conference which focused on what we believed any new owner should be aiming towards;
a club that will work with supporters on fans issues and will recognize their value as the long term custodians of the club, a club that will work with our MPs, the city council and local businesses to play its part in regenerating our area rather than simply bill boarding a national sports retailer,a club that will work with local football clubs and schools to develop local talent and keep that talent in the North East,a club that says we can compete, we will compete, we don’t reward mediocrity, we strive for excellence and to be the best we can be in everything we do.
I mentioned earlier that all of this was against the backdrop of Rafa’s appointment because there’s no doubt that there has been a ‘step change’ in many areas, both on and off the field, since his appointment.
Despite relegation in 2016, the reaction of supporters showed at our final game of the season against Spurs how highly we, the supporters, rated him. We know from sources close to Rafa that he was taken aback by the response of fans at that game, which contributed, in no short measure to him deciding to stay and manage us in the Championship. For that, we will always be eternally grateful. He galvanised our support and gave back a feeling of pride to both supporters and the City itself. Instead of struggling like many relegated teams, he led the club to immediate promotion as Champions.
Rafa sees Newcastle United as a long term ‘project’, he ‘gets’ the club and its supporters. He knows exactly what Newcastle United means to its supporters and what a successful club would mean for the city and the wider region. He’s invited fanzines and fan groups in to talk to him about what’s important to fans, he’s reorganising the way the Academy works with a view to bringing through more of our own talent, the club are now more actively involved with local politicians and businesses and from our own perspective Newcastle United Supporters Trust has been invited back to the Fans Forum,
Initiatives such as NUFC Fans Foodbank, Gallowgate Flags and Wor Hyem have shown the positive inter-action between the club and a fan base that was becoming increasingly alienated .The club should be praised for their new approach. Closer association and promotion of the Newcastle United Women’s Football Club and adoption of the minimum wage for all staff would further cement club ties with their community.
The Newcastle United Foundation who previously appeared to many to be detached from the Club are coming on leaps and bounds supporting many initiatives and programmes in our area….and wider. Their plans for the future seem to be very positive.

From our perspective, we would hope that any new owner sees the positive aspect of meaningful fan engagement, recognising the great benefits that fans can play, and how Newcastle United integrated into the heart of our local community can be of mutual benefit for all concerned.
Newcastle United remains, in our view, perhaps the greatest untapped football club in Europe. The possibilities are endless. We hope any new owner seizes this opportunity to work with the supporters to take the club to its full potential.

Under Offer

After a period of speculation it appears that an offer to purchase Newcastle United has been made on behalf of Amanda Staveley and PCP Group although the exact details of the offer, believed to be in the region of around £300M and subject to various conditions, are obviously unknown to anybody other than those closely involved in the deal.
Mike Ashley has publicly stated his desire to sell the club and hopefully now that an offer has been made, both parties can come together and reach a deal on terms acceptable to both sides.
For our part we would ask Mr Ashley to consider, given his stated desire to sell the club, to take a realistic and pragmatic approach to the offer in the hope that a deal can be concluded within a reasonable timeframe – particularly in light of the opening of the transfer window in January 2018.

We hope an imminent sale can usher in a new era at Newcastle United.
In the meantime we urge our supporters to continue their backing for Rafa and the team. Whilst we can have no influence as to what happens off the field in relation to negotiations over the sale of the club, our continued support to the team will be vital in forthcoming fixtures, starting at home against Watford on Saturday.

Saturday Night Live

Negotiations are underway for the new TV contract and there have been suggestions in the media that the new deal will include Saturday night games. The Trust are not aware of how serious this proposal might be and have been contacted by other Premier League Trusts and the football Supporters Federation (FSF) to support fans’ opposition to Saturday night slots. The following is the statement issued by the FSF and agreed to by the Trust Board.
The FSF notes with concern media reports of a possible significant increase in the number of Premier League matches to be broadcast live under the next three-year broadcast deal from 2019.
We re-affirm our opposition to any increase in the number of games to be televised live, and while we reluctantly recognise the imposition by Ofcom of a minimum of 190 live broadcast games per season – half of all games, and itself an increase of 22 per season over the current arrangements – we remain firmly opposed to any increase beyond that number.
Any additional broadcast games would mean even more changes to kick-off times away from 3:00pm on Saturdays, with an impact of both uncertainty and inconvenience to the match-going fans, especially away fans, whose passion is a huge component of the “product” that broadcasters want to buy and sell.
It is our hope that any increase in the number of live TV games can be accommodated in existing broadcast slots, and reaffirm our call for the interests of match-going fans to be considered when selecting and scheduling games. Particularly in the event of a new Saturday evening TV slot being created, we urge clubs and broadcasters to give due consideration to issues of geography and travel, and to invest some of the huge broadcast revenues into supporting the attendance and contribution of match-going fans, especially away fans.

Loving the Toon

The Trust was recently approached for help by Streetwise Opera, a homelessness charity. They wanted stories from Toon fans about their love for NUFC to incorporate into a production they are planning for April 2018 and we were happy to help.
Homelessness is on the rise. Welfare budgets continue to be cut. Fundraising is harder than ever. Homeless people need more than a bed and a roof. They need to be heard, to be recognised as someone
of worth, to learn new skills, and to feel wanted by a society which often finds it easier to look away.
Streetwise Opera provides weekly singing and acting workshops in homeless centres and arts venues across the country, increasing participants’ wellbeing and social inclusion, helping them develop the skills and confidence needed to reintegrate into society.
They have an upcoming major production, Tell Me The Truth About Love. Directed by Olivier-award winning Bijan Sheibani, it will be performed in April at the Sage Gateshead. It tells the story of 100 years of love on Tyneside, celebrating the rich offering of the North East – its talents and history.
The story will be told through the medium of a wedding, with audiences the wedding guests. Love in its many forms will be showcased as the bride, groom, best man and even a long-lost cousin break into song and tell their tales.
The show is inspired by variously funny and heart-breaking local tales, from passion aboard the Tuxedo Princess to a die-hard fan’s devotion to Newcastle United. The production will also feature new music created by composers Will Todd and Anna Appleby, and local songs including Jimmy Nail’s Big River and Bridie Jackson’s Final Lullaby.
Find out more about the production and how you might be able to help at


Pre Crystal Palace match we rocked up as normal, 1pm, at the NUFC Fans Foodbank stall opposite Nine Bar –plastic bag in hand with this week’s donation- in order to report in for volunteering duties.
As usual, a steady stream of fans dropped by with donations, others calling by to drop some change in the collecting tins. As well as being a great cause the stall has become a hub of pre match activity with many fans having a good chat when calling by, either about the forthcoming match, or indeed any number of other NUFC related topics.
On Saturday pre Palace, local reporters George Caulkin and Luke Edwards were spotted, along with Mike Martin from NUFC fanzine True Faith, I Daniel Blake actress Sharon Percy. NUFC Fans Foodbank enthusiasts Bill Corcoran and Steve Hastie were both there chatting about all things NUFC.
Together with all of the willing volunteers led by the ‘Boss’ Mike Nixon it makes for an interesting couple of hours before the match…….and then around 2.30ish the highlight of the day.

The lads and lasses from Wor Hyem and Wor Flags came marching along Strawberry Place, flags flying, carrying banners, singing at the top of their voices and at the front carrying a new Banner ‘Support NUFC Fans Foodbank’, to call in on their journey from the North Terrace pub to the Gallowgate via NUFC Fans Foodbank stall!

Very emotional I have to confess, and what an atmosphere when they arrived at the Foodbanks stall to hand over their donations and collections as well as the banner ‘Support NUFC Fans Foodbank’.
There followed plenty of backslapping, hand shaking, singing and even Foodbanks leader Mike Nixon was hauled in front of the banner for a photograph. Thanks to Wor Hyem/Wor Flags and the North Terrace it’s greatly appreciated. Fans working together!
I felt really proud to be part of what we are doing for those within our community less fortunate than ourselves. Unity in the Community!

Who are we?

The Newcastle United Supporters Trust is not a protest group, but a positive force for change.

We seek to benefit our football club and its supporters by channeling the passion of its loyal supporters into a forward-thinking non-profit organisation that is a legally constituted, democratic, not-for-profit Supporters Trust.

The Newcastle United Supporters Trust (NUST) seeks to benefit both the Football Club and its supporters by channeling the passion of Newcastle supporters into a forward-thinking organisation that is a legally constituted, democratic, not-for-profit Supporters Trust of Newcastle United.

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